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Balance magazine online

Welcome to Balance Online Рthe digital version of our magazine in three languages 

Our offer starts with the edition 1/2021 Celebrating life … nevertheless,¬†and will be continued for all following editions.

Read advice:

All text articles of the issue are displayed. You can see the pictures in the magazine that you have received in print by post.

The translation into English is done automatically. The installed plugin captures the thought process and meaning of the posts, but may not always be able to reproduce their linguistic finesses.

Therefore, we decide not to translate poems, titles of pictures and names of dances. They remain in the original language. If you also want to read them in your language, use your own translation app.

And this is how you get to the articles in the chosen language:

Choose your language (D, NL, E).

Click on the cover of the current issue and log in. And the reading can begin – whether with specific individual contributions or the entire issue!


The titles of previous Balance editions are on the German page. Go to the German link and you see the Balance in German.

Enjoy discovering and reading!




Celebrate Life
nr. 1-2021


nr. 2-2020


nr. 2-2018


Live (the) lives, live them all …
nr. 1-2018


How new things happen …
nr. 2-2017


Friendship, a gift of life
nr. 1-2017

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This post is also available in: Deutsch Nederlands